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Christopher Duntsch

CHRISTOPHER DUNTSCH, MD, PHD TEXAS NEUROSURGICAL INSTITUTECLINICAL DIRECTOR NEUROSURGEONGeneral Cranial NeurosurgeryGeneral and Complex Spine SurgeryFellowship Trained in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Christopher Duntsch, Bachelors in Vertebrate Zoology, Doctorates in Medicine and Philosophy (Cell and Molecular Biology), Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in Neuro-oncology. General Surgery Internship, Neurosurgical Residency, Neurosurgical Fellowship in Spine / Spinal Biomechanics. Assistant Professor Appointment, group leader and PI of five labs, published and presented science prolifically, received millions in research grants including a NCI NIH RO1 for Brain Cancer Experimental therapeutics, trained more than 15 scientists. Program Director for the Molecular Neurosurgery Research Program. I am a prolific science writer, and have served as the senior science editor in all my roles in Academics, Neurosurgery, Biotechnology, and Scientific Research. I have written over 300 scientific manuscripts, abstracts, patents, disclosures, business models, scientific updates, biotechnology and scientific program documents, fundraising models, book chapters, grants, and manuscript / grant reviews. I have presented over 50 scientific presentations in the US and internationally. Neuroscientist, Stem Cell Biologist, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Mentoring the Next Generation of Scientists, Building Research Groups, Cancer Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Academics, Decision Theory, Biomathematics, Matrix Biology, Silk Biochemistry, Applied Bioscience, Basic, Translational, Clinical Scientist, FDA Interfacing, Academic Lecturing, Medicolegal, Innovative Modeling, Public / Private Granting, Research Program Building, Basic and Complex Statistics, Spinal Instrumentation, Probability Theory, Decision Field Theory, Morphologic Analysis / Problem Solving, Neurology, Cognitive Science, Neuromodulation, Migraine, Biopsychosocial Modeling, Animal Modeling, Genetic Engineering, Biomarking Cells, Molecular Models of Disease, S - Duality, Vertex Model, Scaling Limit, Lattice Field Theory, Corner Transfer Matrix.

Christopher Duntsch's Background

Christopher Duntsch's Experience

Clinical Director – Neurosurgery and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at Texas Neurosurgical Institute, PA

June 2010 - Present | 7712 San Jacinto Suite 200 Plano, Texas 75024 Ph 972.208.8475 Fx 972.208.8476 [email protected]

The TEXAS NEUROSURGICAL INSTITUTE is a minimally invasive spine surgery group that takes a multidisciplinary approach to treating disorders of the spine and central nervous system. The Institute is led by neurosurgeons with the highest levels of education, training, and expertise, and uses the best surgical spine technology available for its patients. The TEXAS NEUROSURGICAL INSTITUTE is committed to helping patients with spinal disorders and diseases of the central nervous system by combining the art of medicine with the surgical skill sets of spine surgeons that are fellowship trained in minimally invasive spine surgery. Texas Neurosurgical Institute are dedicated minimally invasive spine surgeons from accredited fellowship programs. There are very few spine surgeons in Texas with this level of training.

Medical Director, Tissue Bank Director at Nuvasive, Inc

June 2008 - Present | San Diego, CA

I have served in an academic manner to work with Nuvasive since 2008 to manage and maintain one of their primary tissue banks in Memphis, TN. This tissue banks serves a large part of the US because it has the advantage of using Memphis as a distribution hub through its partnership with Federal Express.

Director of Bioscience Consulting and Networking at Hybrid Bioscience, Inc.

June 2007 - Present | Denver, Colorado

We make biosolutions to fit your needs for all types of science, medicine, academics, and the business that drives these fields. Areas of focus are Academics, R&D Build Up, Bioscience, Startup Biotechnology, The Business of Science, Building Short and Long Term Bioscience Financial Models, Putting together a Research Team, The ABCs of Biologics Research, Animal Research, Human Research, Designer Operating Protocols, Training / Mentoring, Public / Private Grants, Life Science Intellectual Property Building, Patent Writing, Patent Portfolio Maintenance & Defense, Medicine and Medico-Legal Consulting, Ideas and Discovery Science, Applications from Ideas and Discoveries, Bioproducts from Applications, Comamercial Therapies from Bioproducts. And Beyond.

R&D, Translation, Clinical, IP, Business Development at Biotechnologist - All Roles

1995 - 2013

Tissue Bank and Medical Director at Nuvasive, Inc.

February 2008 - November 2012

Tissue Bank and Medical Director at Nuvasive, Inc.

Stem Cell Biology Consultant at Discgenics, Inc.

June 2006 - March 2012 | Salt Lake, Utah

All things adult stem cell biology and their use for regenerative therapeutics for disease. DiscGenics, Inc. utilizes a proprietary adult disc stem cell technology in a tissue engineering approach to treat degenerated human discs.

Founder, Lead Scientist, Program Director, President, Board Member, and CSO at Discgenics, Inc.

March 2006 - March 2012

DiscGenics is using regenerative medicine and stem cell technology to target degenerative disc disease. A degenerating disc exhibits a progressive breakdown of tissue components such as collagen and proteoglycan, and insufficient regeneration of this material by local cell populations. We are developing an investigational product that provides the disc with new cells that can help restore the original properties of the disc.

Program Director - Molecular Neurosurgery Research Program at University of Tennessee Health Science Center

June 1999 - June 2011

Director of a Five Lab Molecular Neurosurgery Research Program Focused on Spine, Connective Tissue Disease, Cancer, Stem Cell Biology, Stem Cell Therapeutics, Neuroscience, Tissue Engineering

Assistant Professor at University of Tennessee Health Science Center

February 2004 - March 2011

University of Tennessee, College of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, Assistant Professor, R&D Group Leader, Research Programs - Stem Cell Biologics of the brain, spine, and cancer. Experimental Therapeutics. Translational Science. Academic Teaching of Graduate and Medical Courses. Scientific Mentoring of Medical and Graduate Students in a Research Laboratory Environment.

Academic Lecturer for Graduate Studies at University of Tennessee Health Science Center

September 2004 - October 2010

Tumors of the Adult Central Nervous System Tumors of the Pediatric Nervous System Pharmacology of High Grade Brain Tumors Molecular Imaging in Animal Models of Disease

Founder, Lead Scientist, Program Director, President, Board Member, and CSO at Novostem Therapeutics, Inc.

March 2006 - January 2010

Stem Cell Biologics Drug Discovery Company Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with High Throughput drug library screening of cancer stem cells, using biomarking molecular approaches for detection of signals and the correlated cell type.

President, Chief Science Officer, Founder, Board Member at Novostem Therapeutics, Inc.

2006 - 2010 | Memphis Tennessee

2006 – 2010 Novostem Therapeutics, Inc. President Chief Science Officer Board Member Founder

Associate Program Director - Neuro-oncology at University of Tennessee Health Science Center

April 2005 - June 2007

UTHSC Cancer Institute

Research Instructor at University of Tennessee Health Science Center

July 2002 - June 2005

Teach, Scientific Research

Assistant Professor, Program Director at The University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, College of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, and Molecular Neurosurgery Research Program

April 2010 - January 1999 | Memphis, TN

I directed a five lab research program with faculty, postdoctoral scientists, and graduate students / medical students. We started with one lab, and grew to five. We raised several million dollars, filed 8 patents, launched 2 stem cell biotech companies for cancer and spine disease, and published hundreds of manuscripts and scientific abstracts. We successfully worked with biotech and industry, developed new therapies for brain cancer, and obtained RO1 funding for novel brain cancer therapies.

Founder / Director of Fundraising, Appropriations, Volunteer Activities at THE TEXAS NEUROSURGICAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH

September 2011

A small nonprofit that promotes several paradigms directly or indirectly, currently focusing on: bone and joint spine scientific research, clinical spine research including outcome studies, general academics, spine industry and spine biologics biotechnology partnerships and collaborations, and fundraising for Dallas / Fort Worth community and research programs. Efforts include on the ground activities by TNI staff and TNI foundation volunteers for R&D, raising awareness, fundraising, funding new investigators in cutting edge spine research, and supporting worthwhile community organizations in the Dallas / Fort Worth community. THE DALLAS FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE To Support the Dallas Sheriff Fraternal Order of Police: Email the Texas Neurosurgical Foundation at [email protected]; Contact them directly at Lodge 85 at 2146380630; or contact them directly by mail at PO BOX 36023 Dallas, TX - 75235 -1023. THE DALLAS ZOO Help the Dallas Zoo create new homes for there animals, play an integral role in conserving wildlife, or develop exemplary educational offerings for all ages. Your contributions to the Dallas Zoological Society will make the difference in the Zoo's future. Whether you are interested in supporting an upcoming capital project such as the new education facility, wanting to be even more connected to the Zoo's mission through a membership, or looking to establish long-term recognition for a loved one through a memorial gift, the Zoo and our animal family will be grateful for your support. Support the Dallas Zoo: Email the Texas Neurosurgical Institute at [email protected]; contact the Zoo directly at 469.554.7500; or directly by mail at the Dallas Zoological Society - 650 South R. L. Thorton Freeway, Dallas, TX, 75023 For more information, go to or

Founder and Director of Fundraising, Appropriations, Volunteer Activities at A CHILD'S LIFE

October 2011

A Child's Life a small 501C3 nonprofit charity that is community based to engage the Dallas Regional Community and other national venues across the US in fundraising and community service activities. A Child's Life directly and indirectly fundraises for research groups and treatment centers for children with spine and spinal cord injuries, and spinal cord disorders, such as ManeGait in North Dallas. In addition, A Child's life supports: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Dallas Battered Children's and Women's Foundation For more information, visit

Neurosurgery, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Neuroscientist at Texas Neurosurgical Inst, Texas MIS


Neurosurgery, Scientific Research, Biotechnology, Academics, Teaching, Nonprofits [email protected] For More Information

Director at Hybrid Bioscience Consulting

May 2006

Bioscience, Academics, Biotechnology, Research and Development, Scientific Writing, Intellectual Property, Stem Cell Biologics, Tissue Engineering, Medico-legal Consulting

Christopher Duntsch's Education

Semmes-Murphey Neurologic and Spine Institute

2009 – 2010


Semmes-Murphey Neurologic and Spine Institute

2009 – 2010


Concentration: General, Complex, and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Activities: Dr. Christopher Duntsch, trained with Dr. Kevin Foley in a prestigious one-on-one Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Other areas of focus are chronic pain, complex spine disease, degenerative deformity in adults, neuromodulation, peripheral nerve injuries, neurologic trauma, and spine trauma.

UTHSC, College of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery

2004 – 2009

Neurosurgery Residency

Concentration: General Neurosurgery

Activities: General Cranial and Spinal Neurosurgery

University of Tennessee-Health Science Center

2004 – 2009

Internship and Residency

Concentration: General Surgery and Neurosurgery

UTHSC, College of Medicine, Department of General Surgery

2003 – 2004

Surgery Internship

Concentration: General Surgery

Activities: General Surgery

UTHSC, College of Medicine

1995 – 2002

Doctorate of Medicine

Concentration: 7 Year Combined / Dual MD PHD Program, with Medicine from 95 - 97 and 200 - 2002

Activities: Graduating with High Honors Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society Summa Cum Laude College of Medicine Award for Excellence in Research

University of Tennessee-Health Science Center

1995 – 2002

Doctorate of Medicine, Doctorate of Philosophy

Concentration: Medicine, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Department of Biochemistry

1997 – 2000

Doctorate of Philosophy

Concentration: Stem Cell and Molecular Biology

Activities: Structure Function Molecular Biology of Cytokine/JAK/STAT Biology 
Doctorate Focus: Cell Biology, Hematology – Oncology, Embryonic stem cell biology, Genetic Engineering, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Gene Therapy, Bone Marrow Transplants, Immunology, Hematopoiesis, Molecular Engineering for Bioimaging, STAT models of Leukemia.

University of Memphis

1991 – 1995

Bachelor of Science, Vertebrate Zoology

Concentration: Pre-Medical Program, Minor-Biochemistry

Activities: Summa Cum Laude University of Memphis Dean’s List 1991 – 1995 Phi Kappa Phi, Honor Society 1994 Alpha Epsilon Delta, Premedical Honor Society 1993

The University of Memphis

1991 – 1995

Bachelor of Science

Concentration: Vertebrate Zoology

Christopher Duntsch's Interests & Activities

Neurosurgery Neuroscience Research Academics Mentoring Teaching at the Graduate Level Biotechnology Stem Cell Biologics Music Movies Art Literature/Books

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